Follow simple steps as below to earn extra cashback

  1. Login to our website & select your choice of coupon / offer / store

  2. Click & visit store to redeem the coupon or avail the offer

  3. Place order for the item/service as usually.

  4. Your cashback will be tracked and updated in your dashboard within 72 hours

  5. Your cashback will be updated as payable within 90 days from transaction

  6. You can withdraw your earned cashback to bank account (or) paytm & mobikwik wallets (or) recharge.

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In addition to the discounts for online shopping using coupons and offer listed on our webite, we also give you an option of earning extra cashback on your online shopping. Stores that have additional cashback can be identified by looking for labels besided coupon title like '+ Upto 5% Cashback' or '+ Get Upto 48 Rs. Cashback' etc.

This cashback amount can be transferred to your bank account as hard cash. You may also redeem cashback via recharge.

The cashback process is such that we have to wait for the store to confirm to us that the purchase was not returned or exchanged. Some stores also use this time to validate that the sale has met conditions for earning of cashback.

We constantly work with stores to reduce this wait period. However, just to be on the safe side we inform you that it may usually take 4-8 weeks for a transaction to be confirmed.

It can take upto 72 hours for us to get your transaction tracked. In case your transaction is not tracked even after 72 hours, please click here and file a Missing Cashback Claim for the transaction which was Not Tracked. Please note, stores accept claims for cashback not tracked cases only till 10th day from the purchase date.

Missing Cashback

Usuallly, it takes upto 72 hours for us to track and reflect your transaction in your dashboard. If it has already been 72 hours and yet it's not reflecting in your dashboard, you can create missing cashback claim.

Raise missing cashback claim by mentioning all information for us to track your claim.

If it is over 10 days since your transaction, then I’m afraid that we can’t normally accept up your claim. This is a rule imposed on us by the affiliate networks, who frequently won’t handle claims much older than this.

If your cashback claim has been rejected then we're really sorry, but there is very little we can do.

When cashback claims are rejected, we may not be informed of the reason. Frequently however, the reason is that the merchant has already paid your cashback as commission to another website or tracking issue due to adblock, incorrect cookie setup etc.

It may seem harsh, but there is virtually no chance of getting back your cashback if it has already been paid to another website or not tracked properly due to various reasons such as adblocks, compliance issue with T&C.

This is why we are very keen on members clicking through to merchants and completing their transaction immediately and wholly online. Even better would be if cookies could be cleared immediately before clicking through - this would then reduce the chance of your custom being linked to another website.


No, the cashback in your account never expires. It’s your money and you can withdraw / redeem it anytime.

No, there is absolutely no cost or fees applicable to withdrawing your balance.

Earn cashback upto minimum threshold for withdrawal / redemption. 

When your cashback exceed the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can redeep it via Bank Transfer (or) Paytm & Mobikwik Wallets (or) Recahrge.

It takes upto 3 business days for us to process redemption request.

Depending on the mode of withdrawal / redemption, the minimum amount is set to:

  • Bank - Rs. 100

  • Recharge - Rs. 10

  • Paytm / Mobikwik Wallets - Rs. 10


You can earn a bonus amount for each friend that signs up using your referral code and fulfils the requirements related to the referral. There are no caps on the number of friends that you can refer, so you can potentially earn an unlimited amount of reward for referring friends to our website.

Use this field to enter a referral code from a friend, so that both of you can avail benefits of the running referral scheme! (referral code not necessary if registering from desktop site)

When you sign up with us using a referral code, a reward amount is added to your account.

Once you complete your mobile verification by OTP and also make at least one transaction, the referral reward becomes available for redemption.

You can earn 10% of your friends earned cashback for every purchase they make online for lifetime.

For example, if your friend purchases a product / service from CashVaapas and got Rs 400 cashback then you will get Rs 40 as referral commission. So more you refer & more you can earn.